Our staff can see all camera surveillance images at a single glance. So, they can clearly ascertain what is happening at the location as it is being recorded. This ensures absolute accuracy!

It's the middle of the night and you're awoken with a start. The telephone rings: your office alarm has just gone off. Adrenaline floods through your veins as you race to the building in a sweat. Perhaps the police have also been called to the scene. Once you arrive, though, it becomes clear it was a false alarm.

Both our own experience and independent research has shown that people often have to respond to alerts that actually presented no cause for alarm. The procedure was nevertheless set in motion: key holders were called and the alarm response was triggered. If your camera system is not linked to a monitoring center, you cannot see afterward what actually happened. The chance the police will be able to do anything is small. Such a situation is far from ideal and, moreover, highly annoying.

If this sounds familiar and you are tired of being called (and woken up) unnecessarily, then we have the solution! Sign up for video verification from EuroPAC Alarm Monitoring.

Benefits to You

  • Fast, targeted response to alarm incidents
  • Maximum use of your new or existing camera security system
  • Save on costs related to key holder contracts and guard dispatch
  • Catch criminals in the act and increase the chance of arrest with live video images

Feel Safe
Proactive security is about early identification of potential problems and quick response. When you link your camera surveillance systems to EuroPAC Alarm Monitoring, we can virtually survey the scene within seconds of the alarm notification, regardless of the brand or type of cameras installed. In an emergency, we can send the video images directly to the police using Live View. They then handle it as a “PRIO 1” with the highest priority. This greatly increases the chances of catching the perpetrator and preventing the burglary!

High-quality Camera Images
We do set standards for the quality of the camera images needed for us to perform our job effectively. It is essential, for instance, that the images be good quality even under low-light conditions, allowing our staff to see what is happening on-site.

Color Images
It is preferable for the image registration to also be in color, even in the dark. Most camera brands include a low-light model. We recommend using both a low-light and a thermal camera for reliable outdoor detection. These can be connected to the intrusion panel through the alarm output.

Video Services
Alongside conventional alarm system processing, the latest technology is making it increasingly possible for images to be transferred to private alarm monitoring centers. These images can be used in various ways for various purposes. When it comes to image transfer, the network and transmission speeds are critical, especially for video observation.

EuroPAC Alarm Monitoring possesses all the right equipment for processing and receiving video images. We support Axis IP cameras and HD recorders that can be received by the multi-protocol DeteXi Domain Controller©. We also support the following formats:

  • DigiOP
  • PowerConStation
  • Aivex Catvision
  • Smartbase
  • RASplus
  • Watch

Any camera or recorder that streams using an HTTP video server is also supported. If you are not sure about whether we support your system, please feel free to contact us or ask your installer.

In addition to video verification, we are your professional partner for video observation and customization. In terms of video observation, you might envision security checks, remote monitoring and control and guidance. In terms of customization, we partner with you in handling visitor logs, in-process control, opening and closing procedures and other such matters.

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