about us


You do not need to worry about the security for your property. We take care of your security. Business or residential, you can count on us anytime.

EuroPAC Alarm Monitoring is a privately held alarm company, authorized by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security (number PAC 105) and certified by the National Center for Prevention. Working from a completely secure environment staffed with vetted employees, we guarantee that your information and property will be fully and adequately protected. We specialize in alarm response and processing, tracking and tracing and video verification.

We also process incoming telephone calls for clients through our EuroPAC Answering Service. Our EuroPAC Answering Service provides telephone services for companies, institutions and government agencies. Our staff is highly educated and well trained, capable of serving as a professional adjunct to your organization.

When you contract EuroPAC Alarm Monitoring, you no longer have to worry about the security of your property, because we monitor it for you 24/7.