Track and Trace


This service is growing in importance at EuroPAC Alarm Monitoring.

Briefly, it has two main advantages for you: we are able to monitor and respond to vehicle alarm systems the same way we do for our standard alarm systems; and as an added benefit, we can produce trip registrations for you. This provides you with a full report of the routes for your administration.

As with our other services, our Track and Trace services are clear and straightforward. EuroPAC Track and Trace brings you ease and convenience. We ease your burden by offering the following products and services:

  • Hardware
  • On-site installation
  • 2-year GSM/GPRS subscription (excludes usage fees)
  • Basic subscription with EuroPAC Alarm Monitoring (includes 12 reports per year)
  • Vehicle retrieval if necessary

At EuroPAC Alarm Monitoring we distinguish between two kinds of alerts: those related to crimes (kidnapping, robbery or break-ins and/or theft) and those related to logistical problems (driver fails to report in; trucks off course). As a rule, crime reports are handled by a dispatcher. They can take immediate, targeted action at any time. Logistical alerts can also be handled by a dispatcher. Many companies, however, choose to have these handled through their own internal systems.

When the vehicle tracking system is used in personal vehicles, the driver (and potential criminals) will be entirely unaware of its presence in daily use, except in cases of VIP protection. The situation can differ for commercial vehicles, however, particularly since the system maintains operational contact with the driver, for everything from authorization to intranet use, work orders to trip planning. Any time a dispatcher receives an alarm notification from the system or the driver (panic button or subsequent report), that alarm call is first verified. Then, the location of the vehicle is determined and it is tracked. The suitable authorities will be notified at the same time. For our system, we have established a unique partnership between our alarm monitoring center, investigative agencies and the supplier that ensures immediate action can be taken throughout Europe. If necessary, we can do it without police help!

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