EuroPAC Alarm Monitoring ensures the security of your property with friendly personalized service.

When you choose our services, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you are in expert hands. We are a hypermodern alarm monitoring provider, whose primary goal is to serve our residential and business customers in a friendly, professional manner. It is because we value personalized service so highly that we do not use an automated voice response system.

We also rely on only the most advanced technology for our operations. This allows us to define, in consultation with you, a specific response plan for each individual type of alert or incident report.

  • Friendly, quality service
  • Live operators always promptly available
  • Short wait times
  • No automated voice response system with a selection menu
  • Clear instruction manuals and information
  • Simple passes containing the information for the EuroPAC alarm monitoring center
  • Individual passes available
  • User free to choose either password or PIN code
  • Technical support available upon request
  • Single-year contracts